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Covid Pastoral Care Plan

Dear Church Family,

As people made in the image of our Triune God, we are made to be relational. Social connection is as important as ever.

Here are our options as a church family to stay connected and cared for at this time:


The 2-pronged approach I am recommending is:

  1. Spreading the load, through ‘Every-Member Care’ and
  2. Moving as many people into Community Groups (groups of 5-10 people commited to meet weekly over Zoom and frequent phone calls.)


Spreading the load, through ‘Every-Member Care’

1 Peter 2:9 and Eph 4:12-13 describe how God’s family is a kingdom of priests, equipped by church and ministry leaders to serve the world, and each other. Now is obviously a time when we need to work hard together to serve each other, seeking to make sure as many Austi members as possible are pastorally cared for, and as few as possible fall through the cracks.

Elliott and a team will be coordinating this effort of Pastoral Care at this time, but of course it’s impossible for just them and their (relatively) small team to take care of all the people on our church rolls. Our Community groups will need to function as microcosms of pastoral care, now more than ever.


Moving as many people into Community Groups

If everyone could please follow this link and fill it in that would be very helpful at this time as we aim to move everyone into a group to be cared for and checked up on at this time. If you are not already in a Community group let me encourage you to do so.

If you feel able to host a community group and help care for a bunch of people (group of 10 people caring for each other), there is an opportunity to volunteer by also following this link:


I look forward to hearing from you all soon,


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