The Great Escape 2023

Camping weekend for men and boys

Burrill Pines natural campsite: 275A Princes Hwy, Burrill Lake
(approx. 2.5hr drive from Austi)

Cost: $30/$20 for food, plus camping site fees

Day trippers and part timers welcome

Contact Duncan []
for more information or to register.

This year’s Great Escape is shaping up to be a cracker. There’s around 50 guys coming, Chris is bringing his jet ski to drag us all around the lake, we will have learner surf boardsfor those keen to give it a go, Warren’s got two pizza ovens lined up for dinner and the forecast is sunny with highs in the 20s.

Packing list

  • Your own kitchen kit: cutlery, plate, bowl, cup, tea towel
  • A tent or equivalent, plus sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow (or stay at the motel out front)
  • Camping chair for around the fire
  • Swimming/surfing gear: swimmers, towel, rashie, wetsuit, sun cream
  • Two towels: one beach, one shower
  • Clothes for all weather – warm and cold
  • Toiletries, incl medications as required
  • 20c pieces for the shower if you can find some down the back of the couch
    (or get them at the gatehouse on your way through)
  • A torch / lantern
  • Footwear: sneakers, thongs
  • Things to do: cards, games, guitar, sporting equipment, snorkeling kit etc
  • Snacks suitable for sharing


  • Camping cost is $17.50/night for adults and $6.60/night for children under 12.
    No need to book ahead, just pay at the gate house (if unattended pay the next day).
  • Motel rooms cost anywhere from $99 a night. Inquire at


  • For $30 you get breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, plus breakfast on Sunday.
  • It costs less if you’re only there part time, eat like a sparrow or have cashflow issues.
  • Pay either by cash when you’re there or by bank transfer to:
    ‘All Saints Anglican Church Parish Austinmer’, BSB 641800 ACC 200960823, description ‘Great Escape’.
  • Gluten free? Vego? Allergies? Please let us know so we can make arrangements.

Emergency contact details

Duncan Rintoul on 0438 382 197 or the camp office on 4455 1224.

Other FAQs

  • Transport: Can I get a lift with someone? Sure, contact Duncan he’ll sort you out.
  • Is it a father and son camp? Nah it’s a guys camp. Some people are related and some aren’t.
  • Supervision? Parents are responsible for supervising their own kids.
    This is especially important around fire and water.
  • When’s the latest I can register? Ideally the weekend before,
    but if you have to cancel or work out you are coming at the last minute that’s OK – just let us know.
  • Booze? Nah it’s a dry weekend, thanks for getting on board with that.
  • Technology? You might want to take a few photos or need to stay in touch with home,
    but the goal is to have a bit of a digital detox. Everyone wins that way.
  • Fireball soccer? Nah, not any more sorry.
  • Age range? Typical minimum is 3yo, no max.
  • Injuries? First aid kit will be there with trained first aiders on site.
    Nearest ED (if required) is 10 minutes away in Milton, then 1hr away in Nowra.
  • What if I don’t want to go surfing / tubing / sliding down dunes? You do you.
    Read the paper, do the crossword, paint a picture, go for a bushwalk, have a nap.
    Just if you go wandering take a few people with you and let people know where you’re going –
    otherwise we might freak out that you’ve been taken by drop bears.
  • What if I don’t like camping? Stay in the motel out front.
  • Can I help? For sure, contact Duncan he’ll give you a job.