Austinmer Sundays 9am & 6pm; Thirroul Sundays 9.30am & 7pm


Administration – the parish office is the hub for our administration.

Parish Council & Warden’s (All Saints & St David’s), elected at the annual general meeting, have responsibility for managing property, finance & administration matters.

Finances – we fund all our ministry & associated costs from our own congregational giving. We do not receive funding from the Diocese or any other body. The two avenues for giving are through the offertory in Sunday services or electronically into the general account.

View our governing documentthe Parish Administration Ordinance 2008

Sermons Events

All Saints Austinmer

9am and 6pm Sunday @ 49-51 Moore St, Austinmer

Map of the Location of Austinmer location

St David’s Thirroul

9:30am and 7pm Sunday @ 3 Roxburgh Ave, Thirroul

Map of the Location of Thirroul location

Upcoming Events